Data privacy

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Protection of personal data and confidentiality:

We cannot provide any warranty that information and personal details transmitted to us are not “spied on” by third parties during the transmission.

Comments on data protection:

In general, you can access all Internet pages of ANELK Pharma GmbH &C Co. KG without having to provide personal details. In some individual cases, your name, address or other personal data are required, but you will receive prior notification. You personal data are used to provide you with the best possible service and to improve our service where possible. If you decide to pass on personal details to ANELK Pharma GmbH & Col KG via the Internet in order to correspond with us or place an order, such data are handled with the utmost care and are subject to the strict regulations of the German “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz” (BDSG – Federal Data Protection Act). By accessing the ANELK Pharma GmbH & Co. KG website we receive user data which are saved for security reasons and may be used for identification purposes (i.e. IP address, date, time and website visited). Such data are evaluated by ANELK Pharma GmbH & Co. KG to investigate user behaviour and to set up statistics. In all cases, the high safety and security standards of the “Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz” (TDDSG – German Teleservices Data Protection Act) and the German “Datenschutzverordnung für Telekommunikationsunternehmen (TDSV – Telecommunications Data Protection Ordinance) are strictly observed. There will be no evaluation of personal data. We reserve the right to evaluate anonymous data for statistical reasons. For further information on data protection in the Federal Republic of Germany please refer to: